About Us

Bayou Magic Foods originated in the early 1700s in Baton Rouge, the spiritual heart, soul and capital of Louisiana.  Family descendants of African, Cuban, Native American & Creole ancestry through family gatherings, written and oral tradition passed down narratives and folklore to future generations to be spread throughout the family and community.

These religious and cultural ceremonies were linked to local agriculture were referred to as manje lwa: Food For The Gods; as these Spirits, Gods & Deities are not eternal and can only exist if they continue to be summoned to participate in normal human affairs with their strength coming from ritual remembrance celebrations.  

During these feasts, the gods and their communities partake of local foods. The gods become empowered in direct proportion to the quantities and varieties of favorite foods that are offered to them, and the care that is put into their preparation and presentation.

We the family descendants continue this celebration of life by sharing with the world our cultural and keeping it alive.  Turn your kitchen into the epicenter of all things magical and flavorful with our Bayou Magic Seasoning, Sauces and Instant Mixes.

Use them alone to add instant flavor or combine them and their spell powers for the ultimate creations.