Buyers have 2 Hours to cancel their own orders.  Buyers must log into their accounts and view their order history.  Next to the order the buyer wishes to cancel there will be a cancellation button.  Buyers must click it and follow the prompts.  Buyer Cancellations done using this method are the only orders that are guaranteed to be cancelled.

Buyers can request to cancel orders afterwards but these cancellations can not be guaranteed as they may be too far along in order processing or may have already been shipped.  Buyer Request Cancellations can only be requested through our customer support ticket system.  Any request through our general contact form will result in delays and the buyer being prompted to open a ticket.

When an order is cancelled by the by Bayou Magic Foods or the Buyer, by Bayou Magic Foods automatically updates the order status in the buyer's account and sends an email notification to the buyer.

If you have already shipped and confirmed the order, you we will let the buyer know the order is already on its way. Request that they return the package to you when they receive it. Upon receipt of the return.  Please be aware it is the buyers responsibility to purchase return shipping under these circumstances and original shipping fees charged to the buyer will be deducted from the refund amount.  There may also be other associated fees with a returned item and buyers should consult our return order section concerning.